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7. April 2018
Workshop: Contact Improvisation
mit Maayan Reiter | NETZWERK AKS

8. April 2018
Petruschka Suite
Clavimerata . Jurij Konjar

12. | 13. April 2018
Kurse für Zeitgenössischen Tanz & Bewegung
mit Leonie Humitsch
20. + 27. April 2018
Workshop: Vinyasa Yoga
mit Simona Piroddi | NETZWERK AKS
21. + 28. April 2018
Workshop: Atemkreis - sanfte Körperarbeit zu zweit
mit Andrea Maria Handler | NETZWERK AKS

Dear friends and colleagues,
We, the artist collective NETZWERK AKS, have had the ambition to present
a complete year program at
ART SPACE stift millstatt (Carinthia / Austria) in 2017.
With our upcoming

Premiere of D a r k F o g R e b e l [22 Dec I 8 pm]
we believe that this goal is going to be achieved.
I cordially invite you to come and see this new production.
Starting with pre-rehearsals during the summer, D a r k F o g R e b e l has already taken quite a journey this year.
Choreographer Maria Mavridou, long-standing NETZWERK AKS member, has worked in close collaboration with Roman Zotter and Japanese dancer Yurie Umamoto to develop this intense dance solo around the eternal topic of physical and existential freedom.
The responsibility for the overall artistic direction of this dance production lies with me.
After Christmas, we would like to welcome you to ART SPACE stift millstatt for a DOUBLE BILL event.
On the 28th + 29th of December, you will have the chance to see both NETZWERK AKS productions of 2017 during one long evening.

D a r k F o g R e b e l + I not the one who you think I am
[28th + 29th December I 8 pm]

The NETZWERK AKS team is very happy to welcome you to one of our events at ART SPACE stift millstatt before or after Christmas.
With best wishes for a beautiful December
Andrea K. Schlehwei

Connie Ortner . Assistenz für Produktion, Koordination und PR
MOBIL +43 664 73 66 07 26

Premiere € 19,- / 14,-
double bill € 19,- for a single performance
€ 24,- both performances

ART SPACE stift millstatt  . Stiftgasse 1 . 9872 Millstatt . Österreich


Kunst.FILM + Künstlergespräch
Europäische Theaternacht 2017 @ART SPACE stift millstatt

18. November 2017  I  20:00
unter dem Ehrenschutz von Bundespräsident Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen

ein Film von Roman Zotter   I    Produktion Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS
KunstFILM + Künstlergespräch

NETZWERK AKS on the spot:  Brigitte Büsken . Maria Mavridou . Roman Zotter
Moderation: Connie Ortner
Location: ART SPACE stift millstatt . Stiftgasse 1 . 9872 Millstatt . Österreich
Tickets: pay as you wish

MOBIL +43 664 73 66 07 26

TIME CODE 9733 . a film by Roman Zotter

LECTURE on TIME CODE 9733  lässt die von Publikum und Presse gleichermaßen hochgelobte Inszenierung von Andrea K. Schlehwein aus dem Jahr 2015 in Form eines Kunstfilms von Roman Zotter mit anschließendem After Talk mit KünstlerInnen der Produktion Revue passieren.

Wie für das gesamte Angebot der Europäischen Theaternacht gilt auch hier das Prinzip "pay as you can/wish" - man bezahlt also nur soviel, wie man ausgeben kann und möchte.


LECTURE on TIME CODE 9733 gives you the chance to review the highly praised production of TIME CODE 9733 by Andrea K. Schlehwein from 2015 in the form of an art film by Roman Zotter, followed by an after talk with artists of the production.

As with all presentations during the European Theater Night we apply the principle "pay as you can/wish".
Under the auspices of the Austrian Federal President Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen

Film: Roman Zotter
Kameras: Florian Hermann, Martin Schinagel, Andrea K. Schlehwein, Roman Zotter

Moderation & Talk: Brigitte Büsken . Maria Mavridou . Connie Ortner . Roman Zotter
Produktion: büro für tanz I theater I produktionen

CREDITS 2015 . TIME CODE 9733  
Andrea K. Schlehwein
+ NETZWERK AKS  I  Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art:
Brigitte Büsken . Leonie Humitsch . Dong Eun Kim . Aaron Maier-Planer . Maria Mavridou
Fernando N. Pelliccioli .  Roman Zotter
                      Produktion: büro für tanz I theater I produktionen                     
ART SPACE stift millstatt  . Stiftgasse 1 . 9872 Millstatt . Österreich

Connie Ortner . Assistenz für Produktion, Koordination und PR
MOBIL +43 664 73 66 07 26

Support: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich . Land Kärnten . Marktgemeinde Millstatt . ÖBF
Dank an die Europäische Theaternacht


O.P.E.N. morning class
with Maria Mavridou
27 November - 1 December 2017 | 10.00 - 11.30

open to all
These 5 open morning sessions are an invitation to anyone who wants to explore what the body can do by moving, observing, playing and co-creating.
Each session combines exercises of mobilisation, coordination, strengthening, stretching, group games, touch-based exploration with partner and ideas for improvisation - solo, duet, trio, group. Each day is a new dance. Come and enjoy!
If you have music you love, bring it on. We might use it!

ART SPACE stift millstatt
Stiftgasse 1 . A - 9872 Millstatt .
Fon. +43 664 73 66 07 26   I   I

Lecture on TIME CODE 9733
18. Nov. 2017 | 20:00
fim screening + after talk

Lecture on TIME CODE 9733 will take place as part of the European Theatre Night under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Austria, Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen.
@ART SPACE stift millstatt
Stiftgasse 1 . A - 9872 Millstatt .

WEB Vorderseite Flyer2 Tanz 3 I 017

I am not the one who you think I am

3. + 4. March 2017   I   20:00


@ART SPACE stift millstatt
Stiftgasse 1 . A - 9872 Millstatt .

Fon. +43 4766 35250   I   I

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