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Read below before submitting an activity for the CID Panorama

1. Send to   a TITLE (as short as possible, no more than 50 words) and a link to the website of the event. Title can be in the language of the country or in English.

2. If the event has no website, send its poster or a flyer in .jpg or .pdf format. Do not send more than one or two pages.

3. Specify: Country / Division of the country / Location where the event takes place. For example: U.S.A. / California / Los Angeles

4. Activities will be posted in the order they are received by the CID Secretariat.

5. Include in your site a short translation of your activities in English.

6. Activities posted can be festivals, workshops, classes, conferences, books or articles published, performances, products on sale, ongoing research projects, inaugurations, competitions, exhibitions etc. Do not send more than one activity unless they are described in separate websites.

7. Always include in your website an email address and phone number for inquiries.

8. If an event takes place in several divisions of the country (states, regions), sspecify which is the central location – this is where the announcement will be posted.

9. The Secretariat of CID is not responsible for the content of announcements. It has the right to modify their title and format if necessary.

10. This website, like all websites of CID, is a service offered free of charge to the world-wide community of dancers.


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide