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Ballet- Black Man ( libretto)


Yes, I liked the girl in white
But now I love one in blue!

The glade before Esenin''s house which is disposed in the right wing. The Girl in white (further - G.W.) is dancing alone. After some time from the house comes out Sergey Esenin (further - S.E) in rural clothes. He watches some time the dancing and then begins to dance with G.W. Their dance has a lyric character.

Then from the right wing to the left one along proscenium Girl in Blue (further - G.B.) is rushing past by little jumps or rotations. S.E. meets and follows she with his eyes. G.W. is in that pose which don''t allow her to watch G.B. Then the dance S.E. and G.W. is continuing. After some time G.B. is rushing past from the left wing to the right one with the same conditions as in the first case. After some more time S.E. and G.W. run away the stage and G.B. comes on the stage. G.B. is dancing some time alone and then S.E. comes out and joins. Their dance has a lyric character but more temperamental than the dance S.E. with G.W.

After some time in the left wing appears Black Man (further - B.M.). He is put on all black, at the face - a black mask, the hands - in black gloves. He watches some time the dance S.E. with G.B. and then joins. B.M. begins to drive away S.E., their dance gradually becomes resembling on the < dance of the cocks >, that is they become pressing one another by the breasts. At the time of their dance G.B. is dancing on the background keeping neutrelity. At last B.M., using his advantage in forces, takes S.E. in his arms and carries out the stage (B.M. is on the head higher than S.E.). A sound of the falling pail is heard. Then B.M. returns on the stage, demonstratively shakes off his hands, and begins to dance with G.B. Their dance has an aggressive character, B.M. flings G.B. in every way and then carries out her on the straigt arms over his head. By this G.B. lifelessly hangs over his arms.

Then S.E. comes on the stage. He walks some time thoughtfully, then sits down on the little stump, takes out pocket note - book and pencil and begins to write. Writes, then raises the head and looks on the sky, then writes again. After S.E. stands up and begins to dance, ot first slackly then more vividly. A curtain falls.

If yon are interesting in this ballet (clavier) send an inquiry on the official form of theatre or other organization on the address:
Lesokhin Grigory Anatolievich
ul. Jukova 46, kv. 9
Sevastopol, 99043, Ukraine
and if you want all klavir send $300, if you want only overture - $50 on the same address.
Indicate your detailed post address, E - mail and/or Fax (Fax is needed for transference the music)

Last Cuban Salsa Courses of 2016!

The success of our work is evaluated by the results. Some of our salsa students came with no dancing experience whatsoever or knowing other salsa styles, but look how much our Beginner students have achieved after just 7 classes! There is always room for improvement and we'll keep on working on it; however, we are extremely happy to see such great & positive results.


Monday 1st of August 2016 – Beginners @ 8pm
Monday 26th of September 2016 – Intermediate @ 6pm, Improvers @ 7pm, Beginners @ 8pm
Meat Lounge: The Core Shopping Centre, Cnr Kikuyu & Leeuwkop Rd, Sunninghill, Johannesburg
Tuesday 27th of September 2016 – Intermediate @ 6pm, Improvers @ 7pm, Beginners @ 8pm
Club Sociale Italiano: 78 George Storrar Drive, Groenkloof, Pretoria
Price: R 800 per person per course (10 lessons, one hour each lesson, once a week)

Cell: 079 872 3319
Facebook: Estilo Cubano Salsa Dancing
Twitter: @CubanoEstilo
Instagram: cubanoestilo
YouTube: Estilo Cubano

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Learn To Dance Salsa in Havana, Cuba!!
(Less than 3 months to go..)
In Old Havana, a UNESCO world heritage site, the past is palpable.
Rumba riffs roll through quaint cobbled squares; vintage cars ply the streets; and historic forts, museums, and beautifully restored architectural gems share the stories that shaped this grand city.
Don't wait until the last minute to book your trip, as the price of flight tickets increases the longer you wait. Book today, to avoid disappointments!


Havana Salsa Package Includes:
From 18th till 27th of October 2016 (8 nights)

  • Return Flights (JHB/HAV/JHB)
  • Transfer in & out
  • 8 nights’ accommodation in Home Stay in Old Havana including breakfast
  • 3 hours daily x 5 days of Group Dance instruction
  • Bi lingual Tour Leader
  • Dance certificate for successful participation in the course

 Single:                  FROM R 38, 000 per person
Double:                 FROM R 36, 000 per person
* Please note that airline costs may vary at time of final booking

Cell: 079 872 3319
Facebook: Estilo Cubano Salsa Dancing
Twitter: @CubanoEstilo
Instagram: cubanoestilo
YouTube: Estilo Cubano

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Festival Flamenco 2015 2

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The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide