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 Summer Dance School

Ljubljana 26. - 30.06.2017


Summer dance school will be a five-day long intensive exchange of ideas and knowledge on classes for beginners, advanced and professional dancers. It will offer intensive daily workshops for various dance techniques and styles, so you will be able to upgrade your knowledge and skills with visiting domestic and foreign teachers. Workshops are open to all age groups, to amateurs, professionals or anyone in between.

There will be as well the evening program and on the 1st of July SDS participants will perform, presenting their newly-gained knowledge to each other, have a picnic, chat in a relaxed atmosphere and receive their SDS participation certificates.
SDS is recommended for dancers, dance mentors, choreographers and everybody who is actively involved with dance and movement.


Nina Meško
samostojna strokovna svetovalka za ples / head of dance department
Javni sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti / Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities
Štefanova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386.1.24 10 522
M: +386.51.327 575
F: +386.1.24 10 510

The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide