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Saint Petersburg


International Dance Folklore Festival "INFEST on the banks of the Neva"

It will be held from 12 to 16 August 2017 in Russia in the city of St. Petersburg

Organizer:Public international organization - Group of Companies INFEST member of

The main objective of the international folklore festival is to increase the role
and importance of national traditions of the peoples of the world in the
contemporary artistic culture.

✔ Promotion and presentation of folk dance and song and dance traditions of
different countries.

✔ Support for creative activity of folk groups from various educational
institutions of the countries of our planet.

✔ Improving the performance skills of folk groups on the basis of the exchange of
experience of development of folk traditions.

✔ Training of managers of creative groups methods of working with a team to
develop the folk dances and folk song and dance traditions.

✔ Identify new groups and individual artists to further their invitation for a

✔ Promote the process of creating a new children's, youth and professional
creative teams.

✔ Restore the active gaming environment in the nursery school and among young
people in a festive context.

✔ As well as the basic principles in the development of traditional international
folklore forms: - promotion of creativity of the peoples of the world; education
of the young generation of patriotism and pride in their country and culture;
preserving the origins of folk art; - Strengthening the mutual understanding and
friendly relations among nations; - The establishment of creative contacts
between groups and leaders; - Increase the level of performance groups and the
search for new creative personalities; - To draw public attention to the children
and youth folk art; - Expanding the horizons of participants, their familiarity
with the national culture and art.

Nazvaniye meropriyatiya i cel (dance festival in Russia, etc.)



Sevastyanova Ekaterina


Sevastyanova Ekaterina

Dear friends!
We are glad to invite you to participate in the
IX International Folklore Festival
which will be held in St. Petersburg
from 11 to 15 November 2016.
We remind you that the deadline for Applications up September, 15!

Committee on Inter-Ethnic Relations and the implementation of the migration policy in St. Petersburg
Centre for International Cooperation in the field of culture "Inter Aspect"
supported by
European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF)
Russian Ethnographic Museum
folklore, dance, choral and instrumental ensembles around the world.
age: 7 years, a maximum without limitation;
number: from 2 persons, maximum is not limited.
In November 2016, St. Petersburg again hospitably opens its doors to the creative groups from Russia and around the world who want to participate in the festival "Interfolk in Russia." Our festival can reveal a diverse and unique world of national cultures of the peoples of Russia and around the world.
The festival program includes concerts in St. Petersburg halls, workshops, friendship evening. The festival hosts the International folklore competition "GRAND PRIX INTERFOLK»
You can contact us or just fill in the application:
WAITING FOR YOU, DEAR FRIENDS, before the meeting in St. Petersburg !!!

Дорогие друзья!

Поздравляем вас с началом нового Учебного года!

и желаем всем вам новых  творческих успехов и побед!

Приглашаем Вас к участию в



который пройдет в Санкт-Петербурге

 с 11 по 15 ноября 2016  года.

Будем рады видеть ваши коллективы среди участников фестиваля!

Напоминаем, что срок подачи заявок до 15 сентября 2016 г

Комитет по межнациональным отношениям и реализации миграционной политики в Санкт-Петербурге
Центр международного сотрудничества в области культуры «Интер Аспект»
при поддержке
Европейской Ассоциации Фольклорных Фестивалей (EAFF)
Российского Этнографического Музея


фольклорные, танцевальные, хоровые и инструментальные коллективы разных стран мира.
возраст:  от 7 лет, максимум без ограничения;                               
от 2-х человек, максимум не ограничен.

В ноябре 2016 года Санкт-Петербург вновь гостеприимно откроет свои двери творческим коллективам из России и разных стран мира, которые захотят принять  участие в  фестивале «Интерфолк в России». Наш фестиваль позволяетраскрыть многоликий и своеобразный мир национальных культур народов России и разных стран мира.

В программе фестиваля концерты в залах Санкт-Петербурга, мастер классы, вечер дружбы. В рамках фестиваля проходит Международный фольклорный конкурс «ГРАН-ПРИ INTERFOLK»

Вы можете связаться с нами или просто заполнить  заявку:
e-mail: //" target="_blank">

ЖДЁМ ВАС, ДОРОГИЕ ДРУЗЬЯ, до встречи в Санкт-Петербурге!!!


Labyrinth Dance Theater is pleased to announce
our upcoming tour to
Saimaa Dance Festivals, in Savonlinna, Finland on July 23rd
and Open Look Dance Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 26th
We are proud to be participating in an American-Finnish and
American-Finnish-Russian cultural exchange
Felicia Norton
long time Labyrinth dancer and international soloist
Finnish dancer, Hannu Hyttinen
frequent guest artist with Labyrinth Dance Theater
and star of Ms. Spielvogel's dance film,
Dark Angel.

In BACKSTREET a dissolute man on the verge of a breakdown is guided on a harrowing journey to face his addictions so he can be free of them.
Dark Angel, which also featured Ms. Norton,
will be screened as part of the Festivals in Finland and Russia.
(watch the trailer)For ticket information please see:
Saimaa Festivals
or on Facebook.

for performance hosted by
or on Facebook
Tour made possible in part by Finlandia Foundation National, USA,
the City of Savonlinna and Ministry of Culture of Finland.Performance in Savonlinna commissioned by Saimaa Lake Festivals;
hosted in St. Petersburg by Kannon Dance Open Look.



Dear friends and colleagues,

We would like to invite you to participate in the VIII International folklore festival and competition “INTERFOLK in Russia” 
to be held inSt. Petersburg on November 13-17, 2015.

We welcome the choirs, folklore ensembles and dance groups from all over the world, age and number of the participants is not limited. Ever open to guests, St Petersburg welcomes the ensembles, from all over the world; your dances, songs and music will contribute to a sunny atmosphere in St. Petersburg for professional dialogue to share experiences and repertoire. 

We are proud of being a partner of the European Association of Folklore Festival (EAFF).

More information on the website:

Best regards,

Organizing Committee


Уважаемые руководители фольклорных  коллективов,

Приглашаем вас к участию вVIIIМеждународном фестивале и конкурсе «ИНТЕРФОЛК в России»,
который будет проводиться в г. Санкт-Петербурге
с 13 по 17 ноября 2015 года.

К участию приглашаются профессиональные и любительские  фольклорные коллективы всех жанров.

Фестивали проводятся при поддержке Европейской Ассоциации фольклорных фестивалей (EAFF).

Подробная информация  на сайте:

С уважением,

Организационный комитет.










World Congress on Dance Research :

Dance Culture - pedagogy, psychology, creativity, art therapy

Dear friends and colleagues,

   We are glad to invite you to the World Congress on Dance Research, to be held 15-19 April 2015 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

   The Congress is organized by the Saint-Petersburg Section of CID–UNESCO.

   Theme of the Congress is:

"Dance Culture - pedagogy, psychology, creativity, art therapy"

   The program includes: scientific papers, lectures, workshops, video presentations, exhibitions, performances.

   We welcome specialists in cultural studies, art historians, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, theologists, medics, choreographers, dance teachers, dance therapists, dance film directors and professionals representing all forms of dance from all over the world.

   President of CID Prof. Dr. Alkis Raftis will attend.

   The World Congress on Dance Research is a best opportunity for professionals and choreography amateurs to show their high level and share their research and methodology in dance.

   It is a great chance for dancers from around the world to join the CID family.

   All Congress material presented will be published.

   Special cultural program for Congress participants includes visiting the Mariinsky theatre, the HermitageMuseum, dance therapy centers and exemplary dance studios of Saint-Petersburg.

   Send application to:  

   Contact for participants and mass media:

Vice-President of Saint-Petersburg Section CID:

Ms. Aelita Kondratova +7(921)936-9828

PR-manager: Ms. Dinara Meirbekova +7(911)952-2728

Looking forward to seeing you in St. Petersburg!

- The Global Dance Directory is the official directory of the dance industry - it contains over 300,000 addresses in 200 countries.
- The International Dance Council CID is the official organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.
- CID is recognized by UNESCO, national and local governments.
- Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in more than 160 countries.
- CID was founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based.
- UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

International Dance Council CID Conseil International de la Danse
UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis, FR-75732 Paris 15, France
Tel. +33 1 4568 4953     Mob. +33 6 2801 0811         







RussianState Pedagogical University of A. I. Herzen

The Centre of International Cooperation “Inter Aspect”

2nd International festival and competition

«SUPER DANCE from folk to modern»

April, 25 – 29, 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia


The main purpose of the Festival is to discover young talents in the realm of dance, to support their creative initiatives and promote choreography in its various artistic forms, performing and pedagogical aspects. The festival is held to encourage academic, professional cooperation and cultural exchange between choreographic groups.


•           Discover new names and talents in choreographic arts;

•           Create a favorable  atmosphere and environment for professional communication, experience and repertoire exchange between the festival participants;

•          Raise the professional level of group leaders (master-classes, workshops and round table discussions for the leaders);

•           Strengthen young people’s adequate understanding of other cultures: develop a tolerant attitude to cultural differences and respect for ethnic peculiarities with their unique forms of self-expression and artistic realization;

•           Attract producers, festival and concert organizers to establish business contacts with festival participants (arrangement of tours and participation in foreign festivals);

•           Foster the spirit of voluntary participation among choreographic students, attracting them to work at the  festival;

•           Establish and strengthen international contacts with the near- and far-abroad countries, resume cultural exchange and create conditions for the participant’s close business communication.


President of the Festival

Valery Pavlovich Solomin – Rector of Russian State Pedagogical University of A. I. Herzen, Full member of the International Academy of Sciences (IAS)

Artistic Director of the Festival

Irina Avramkova – PhD, Dean of the Music Department of RussianState Pedagogical University of A. I. Herzen, Honored Culture Worker of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Director of the Festival

Elena Bizina – General director of CIC "Inter Aspect", member of European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF), member of European Choral Association “Europa Cantat”


European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF)

Saint-Petersburg District Administrations

Creative Association «Art Attaché»


•           The choreographic groups from all over the world (minimum 3 dancers, maximum not limited).

•           The dance groups of various styles, trends and from different choreography schools  including:

•           Professional and amateur choreographic groups (no limitations on the maximum number of dancers);

•           Choreographic groups of different age (no limitations on the maximum of age);


•           Concert Hall “Saint-Petersburg” (Pirogovskaya embankment, 5/2)

•           The Russian Ethnographic Museum (Inzhenernaya St., 4/1)

•           Halls of Saint-Petersburg District Administrations

•           Concert Halls of St.PetersburgUniversities and schools

•           Concert Halls and Palaces of Culture of Saint-Petersburg


April, 25    Arrival of the participants. Registration of the participants.

Rehearsal on the stage

19.00 – Official Opening Ceremony,  Gala Concert of the participants

April, 26           Excursions and city tours

Concerts of the dance groups in concert halls of Saint-Petersburg

Rehearsal at the venue of the competition

Meeting with the group leaders (a round table discussion)

April, 27           First round of International competition «SUPER DANCE from folk to modern» (performances of the participants)

Concerts of the dance groups at concert halls of Saint-Petersburg

April, 28           Excursions and city tours. Workshops, master classes

Concerts of the dance groups in concert halls of Saint-Petersburg

20.00 –  Friendship party “Festival school”

(announcement of participants for the second round)

April, 29           Workshops, master classes

19.00 – Second Round of International Competition “SUPER DANCE from folk to modern” (competitive performance of the laureates).  Awarding ceremony, Grand Prix contest

Closing Ceremony

Dance party for the participants of the festival

April, 30           Meeting with the jury members (a round table discussion with the group leaders)

Departure of the participants


•           All participants are to make their own travel arrangements to and from Saint-Petersburg and pay their travel expenses. The Organizing Committee provides accommodation, catering services and cultural program (excursions) by agreement with the festival participants;

•           Festival participant groups are to submit printed materials to be used for the festival posters, booklets and catalogues design; each participant group receives a free catalogue as a keepsake;

•           Each participant group is to participate in the Festival Opening Ceremony with one piece (no longer than 3 minutes) and in the Festival concerts with a 15-20 minutes performance.

•           Each participant group is welcome to choose: participation in the Festival only, participation both in the Festival and in the Competition, participation in the Competition only. The group’s choice and decision must be stated in the application form.

•           Each participant group receives a diploma and a memorable souvenir of the Festival.

•           A group delegation can include artists and their accompanying party. The number of artists and accompanying people is not limited.

•           Participant groups are invited to take part in workshops (master classes) with Russian and foreign specialists;

•           Each participant group is welcome to bring their video materials for sale and showcase their cultural uniqueness by participating in the fair-sale with arts and crafts products of their native region.

FESTIVAL FEE (for participants and accompanying persons):

«FESTIVAL PACKAGE 1 » 190 EUR per person (3* hotel, economic option)

            5 nights in two or three beds rooms with bathrooms

            5 breakfasts

            transfer “airport-hostel-airport” with guide

            sightseeing city tour by bus with guide (St. Petersburg)

            Opening ceremony with gala concert of participants

            public concerts with other groups

            Certificate of Festival and Workshop participation

            transfers to the concert venues

            complete set of festival information materials

            one free leader (in twin room) for every 30 persons

«FESTIVAL PACKAGE 2 » 240 EUR per person (3* hotel)

            5 nights in standard twin/double rooms, bathrooms available

            5 breakfasts on buffet

            5 dinners on buffet at hotel

            transfer “airport-hotel-airport” with guide

            sightseeing city tour by bus with guide (St. Petersburg)

            Opening ceremony with gala concert of participants

            public concerts with other groups

            Certificate of Festival and Workshop participation

            transfers to the concert venues

            complete set of festival information materials

            one free leader (in twin room) for every 30 persons

Please notice! Hotel reservation is guarantee ONLY after 10% prepayment no later February, 15.

Accommodation, meals and culture program (excursions, bus, guides) for the participants is provided by «Art Attaché» Creative association: tel/fax: +7 (812) 328-39-21

website:         e-mail:


AGE GROUPS: Participant groups are divided according to three age categories:

Group 1: Children – Age 7–11;

Group 2: Teen – Age 12–15;

Group 3: Juniors – Age 16–20;

Group 4: Adults – Age 20–40;

Group 5: Seniors – from 40 years and above;

Every group can includes other age of participants but no more than 30% from full group


CATEGORY А: Classical dance and stylization

CATEGORY В: Folk choreography (ethnic dance and stylization)

CATEGORY С: Modern chorography (jazz, modern, neoclassical dance, free plastic)

CATEGORY D: Stage choreography (show groups, step, oriental dances, disco)

CATEGORY E: Sport choreography (hip-hop, techno, street, electric boogie, break dance)

CATEGORY F: Theatre of dances


The competition includes two rounds:

Each participant group has a rehearsal (stage trial). The schedule of their trials is devised by the secretary IN ADVANCE (before the participants’ arrival).

First round

The contestants perform before an audience.

For the First Round a participant dance group prepares one (1) or two (2) choreographic pieces lasting no longer than 10 minutes (total), including their entrance and retirement form the stage.

For the CATEGORY F (theatre of dances) it possible to extend the time of performance (in this case only one composition up to 15 minutes)

Upon completion of the first round the jury will make decision as to winners and diploma holders of contest, and will award special prizes:

•           Laureate (first, second and third places in the categories)

•           Diploma Holder (a diploma for participation)

•           Special Jury Prizes

The main judging criteria:

1.         Performing skills. Technique/perfection. (maximum 50 points)

2.         Artistic merit (imagery and image creation, message, emotionality, artistry) (maximum 50 points)

3.         Presentation (stage design and stage direction, repertoire choice, costumes ) (maximum 50 points)

The group can take maximum 150 points.

Age         First place    Second place    Third place     Diploma    For Grand Prix contest

7-11        130-150        111- 129         91 - 110          0-90     the highest score, not less than 135

12–15     130-150       111- 129         91 - 110           0-90     the highest score, not less than 135

16-20     130-150       111- 129          91 - 110           0-90     the highest score, not less than 135

20-40     130-150       111- 129          91 - 110           0-90     the highest score, not less than 135

40 -        130-150      111- 129          91 - 110           0-90     the highest score, not less than 135

Second round    Grand Prix contest

The contestants perform with audience. The running order is determined by drawing.

All Laureates of first place (up to 15 nominees), selected by the jury, can compete in the second round.

For the second round competition a participant dance group presents one choreographic piece (the group’s choice) lasting no longer than 5 minutes.

Awards of the second round winners:

Grand Prix        40000 Rubles (~1000 EUR)

Prix of audience            5000 Rubles (~130 EUR)


•           A dance group is welcome to participate in two or more categories.

•           A group cannot change the program which they apply with. If the competition program differs from that proposed in the application, the group losses points!

•           The running order in the first round is determined by the Organizing Committee.

•           Audio record for a group’s performance must be written on a CD-R or mini-discs, with each program number (dance) on a separate disc. Audio records of low quality are not allowed and will not be admitted to the competition.  There are no restrictions on the use of ‘live’ accompaniment to the performance.

•           Performance conditions are equal for all contestants.


To take part in the competition, artist groups must submit an application and pay a fee:

Group of 3-6 members – 80 euro (per group)

Group of 7-12 members – 100 euro (per group)

Group of 13 and more members – 150 euro (per group)

The fee is to be paid to the Organizing Committee AFTER THE APPLICATION SUBMISSION and no later than March 1, 2014. Fee payment is regarded as a confirmation of a group’s participation in the competition.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you refuse to participate in the competition after March 1, 2014, the fee is not refunded.

The program coordinator sends banking and fee payment details to a group after receiving their application. If the fee is paid by an organization, we ask you to provide the organization’s bank details for the contract and invoice formation (organization full name, full name of the person in charge, legal address, bank details)

Original documents (contract, acceptance certificate, invoice) will be provided on arrival.


To participate in the festival and competition you should fill the application form and send it by e-mail:, no later than February 1, 2014.

The following materials are to be attached to the application form:

         Background (no longer than 10 lines in English);

         Colour photographs of group (in JPG (JPEG) format, up to 2 MB)

         video records (send certain tracks by e-mail by post, needed for concerts organization)

         group’s performance program


Tel./fax: +7-812-328-39-21

website:     e-mail:






The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide