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Good Day,

 We here at NWDT are hosting an August holiday dance workshop. With various different styles of dancing, and different teachers it's garunteed to be a bunch of fun.

You can find attached our schedule and price list for the upcoming two weeks.
Our program runs from the 20 to the 31st of August. We will have classes everyday from 14H00 to 17H00 as seen on schedule.

Please  see all details on the schedule below. Children between 4 and 8yrs can only take classes where it says “for kids” and children over 8yrs can take classes where it says “all levels” . Payment and booking of the classes should be made by  the 17th of August, on Friday between 14H00 and 17h00.
Our studio for booking is located where the craft center is at the Pulse Studio, Shop 42 B, Old Breweries Complex. Payments can be made in cash, via PayToday (Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre) or EFT (details will be sent upon request)

For any further question feel free to contact me at any time.

Kind Regards.

Jearl Krohne
Administrative Assistant
Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre


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