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Red Sea Joys 2019 - Eilat, Israel
11/04 - 15/04

We welcome groups from all over the world to the biggest Dance Event in Israel! It will be the 12th year of our Festival and participants can enjoy from competition, performances on the biggest outdoor stage in Israel, Workshop with teachers from all around the globe and many fun activities. With that you can enjoy trips to the beautiful Jerusalem and float on the waters of the Dead Sea.

Here you can find some Videos from past years:

For information and details contact us:

Mobile - +972-52-7569869
Office - +972-77-5109678



Tickets for 19/7 : 110 ILS

Discount: 70 ILS – with the cod 765

Tel: 03-5105656

Tickets on line

The story of Adam & Eve as it is in the Kabala and old legend stories from Africa ,
A colorful group of percussionists and dancers lead by Saboula, a Djembe Master from Guinea- West Africa.
Celebrating 18 years of African dance in Israel !
A spectacle of energetic rhythm and sensual uplifting dance.
colorful outfits : cultural, musical and visual experience
New choreographies that combine the African with the modern and contemporary dance !
15 artists on stage

Choreography : Rachel Bangoura
Directing: Saboula & Rachel Bangoura
Outfits: Rachel Bangoura,
Music: Saboula BangouraFor more info: Rachel Bangoura 054-5715489


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide