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Dance World Cup

We are pleased to announce that Canada will be hosting the 12th annual Dance World Cup competition with workshops, formal dinner and gala showcase June 28 - July 4, 2019 in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, song and dance, folk dance and circus arts for ages 6 and under, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-19, 20-29, and 30 and up at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Vancouver/Whistler Canada.

Highlights Dance World Cup 2018

Mona D’Amours, Director, CID 13006

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Please join us for our upcoming performance at Dance in Vancouver 2017

We are thrilled to be presenting our work at Dance in Vancouver next week. Please join us! 

Friday, November 24th at 8pm
The Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street

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Karen Jamieson | Karen Jamieson Dance & Margaret Grenier | Dancers of Damelahamid
light breaking broken
Lesley Telford | Inverso Spooky Action (Phase One)
Friday November 24, 8pm


Karen Jamieson and Margaret Grenier's intimate light breaking broken is a personal journey by two artists reconnecting with language, culture, and identity. With different perspectives and individual histories, they use their distinct dance styles to push each other’s boundaries and forge a luminous path to understanding.

Spooky Action is inspired by Einstein’s famous phrase referring to particles that are so closely linked, they share the same existence. Lesley Telford's imaginative collaboration with poet Barbara Adler blends spoken word and intricately beautiful choreography, to extend the theory to human connections in our phenomenally interconnected world.

About Inverso Productions:

Inverso Productions is a platform for the creation of interdisciplinary performance directed by Lesley Telford. This platform aims to provide performance opportunities for emerging professional dancers as well as develop collaborative ventures with other artists. Originally founded in Madrid, in 2012, Lesley has now established the non-profit company in Vancouver and is grateful to be sharing her work in her hometown.

Final Program Cover 2017 Print

We are pleased to announce that Cirque du Soleil Casting will be on the jury of Dance World Cup Canada. With increased interest, workshops, tour, competition in all forms of dance, and gala showcase will be hosted June 30 - July 6, 2017 at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Vancouver/Whistler Canada. For further info, visit


Mona D’Amours, Founder


Festival in Vancouver, Canada, 17-19 June 2016

International call for creators aged 15-25 to present video/film works that have been created by youth ages 15-25 that deliver strong imagery of the human body in action, explore the limitlessness of our physical capacity both creatively and athletically, and offer a sense of choreographic investigation between camera and movement, regardless of the form. In addition, innovative concepts, exceptional camerawork and cinematography, usage of experimental editing styles, or post-production effects that bring added layers to the subject matter. Movers can be of any style such as skateboarding, martial arts, skiing, parkour, dance, etc.
Deadline 01 February 2016
Free and simple submission process. Selected films will receive a $50 CAN screening honorarium as well as free passes to the festival. Festival will be taking place June 17th-19th at the VanCity Theatre.

The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide