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British Columbia



Inquiries:   250-716-3230

41st CID World Congress
Vancouver/Whistler, Canada
Dance is Our Future

We would like to invite you to the 41st CID World Congress in Vancouver/Whistler, Canada, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics along the Pacific coastline in the majestic mountains of British Columbia. We will offer an optional full-day tour of Vancouver, July 1, and the Congress will be held July 2 – 5, 2015 at the prestigious Fairmont Château Whistler Resort with an affordable group rate under our room block starting at $169 Canadian. Book by phone 800-606-8244 or online

With the rapid growth and evolution of dance in the past 20 years as Director, 5678 Showtime, and Dance World Cup the focus of this Congress is “Dance is Our Future”. The goal is to share our research and experience not only through lectures, workshops, performances and publications as in past World Congresses, but also through verbal interaction in group settings by building a network of expertise for the benefit of the future of dance for the next generation.

These are some of the questions we will ask ourselves and each other. What are the trends of dance in your country, and globally? Are there more boys dancing, and what impact has this had on dance? What has the role of dance been with the aging baby boomers who make-up a large proportion of the population in many countries? What is the therapeutic role of dance in preventing dementia for seniors and in providing a medium of therapy for many other psychological and physical problems facing our sometimes broken society? What are the other indirect benefits of dance? What is the perception of dance today in the world at large? What role and impact has the media of television and movies had on dance? What are the major relevant themes or storylines of dance companies? What changes have you seen in dance since your youth? Where do you want dance to be in the future? How will we get there?

What is unique about this CID World Congress is that it will be held in conjunction with Dance World Cup involving more than 1,000 youth from across the globe. Youth who become CID members will be invited to contribute to the CID World Congress. One of my quotes is that “Age is a measure of experience; youth is a measure of promise.” As part of Dance World Cup, the dance department of Cirque du Soleil Casting will offer workshops to CID members in Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Improvisation. Cirque du Soleil is the largest entertainment company in Canada with productions throughout the world. They have been innovative, not only in circus arts, but also in dance.

For further information, please contact, Ms. Mona D’Amours, President, CID Canada at, and visit these websites, and Registration is available online Together dance is our future.

South Surrey’s own XBa DanceCo, established on the peninsula in 1999, has been offering outstanding dance education to its student body for fifteen years.

Recognized by UNESCO’s International Dance Council (Conseil International de la Danse) in 2012, XBa DanceCo became an internationally accredited school of dance arts.

Starting with the new 2014 season, director Nela H is proud to announce the school’s new program of International Certification of Dance Studies.

“We are renown for offering the highest quality of dance education while allowing for a creative environment where our students are encouraged to explore the art of dance without limitations.” says Nela.

With the formal CID International Certification of Dance Studies, Nela is pleased to be able to offer her student body the ultimate reward for their years of study at the school: an international recognition of their hard work and excellence in dance education.

Acclaimed for its spectacular year-end performances, XBa acquired a word-of-mouth reputation of being the “edgy” dance studio in the community. The prestigious school offers dance classes in Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Street and Breakdance, along with its own original, trademarked style of movement.

The majority of the school’s highly sought-after faculty has been working with director Nela H for years, and the school prides itself on offering dance education of the highest caliber.

XBa DanceCo is located on the corner of 152nd Street and 20th Avenue in South Surrey. Information on the certification program may be obtained by contacting the school directly at 604-220-9679 or via email at



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