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Latvia comprehensively


The proyect Phoenix Tour 2018, consists of 3 main lines of activity, his progression as a soloist dancer, the diffusion and the divulgation and investigation of culture, art and culture.

The progression as a soloist dancer through various Galas, Festivals & Competitions,

among them is the premiere of his new choreography The Essence of Time performed by the dancer Jolanta Lubeja and himself, next May 14 at the Auditorium of the Latvian National Library in Riga organized by the Embassy of Spain in Latvia, the gala Possible VIII where he will premiere Human, a solo created specifically for him by Raimonds Martinovs, as well as his participation in several galas & festivals of international prestige such as as the Latvian National Ballet Centennial Gala on November 2 in Riga as well as the numerous events related to the Latvijas Simtgade, the centenary of Latvia in November.

The diffusion of culture, art and dance to the general public,

continuing with the Spanish national tour of the Itinerant Photographic Exhibition of De Zaragoza al Mundo alongside with the photographer Alberto Rodrigálvarez in collaboration with the Fundación CAI y la Casa de la Danza de Logroño, also participating in the Charity Auction of Rioja Wine Bottles dedicated and signed during the award ceremony of the Amigos de Honor 2018 of this institution, the creation of his Promotional Video 2018 in November, as well as several events that will be announced in the coming months.

The divulgation and investigation of culture, art and culture,

this line has recently been released through his Professional Inquiry on January 18 at Middlesex University in London and will continue throughout the tour with the publication of various articles, both academic and divulgative.


23rd International Ballet Festival IBBF in Latvia / March 2018

​Welcome to the 23rd International Ballet Festival in Latvia which will take place in March 2018 from 9 to 28th

Locations/Cities: Riga, Ventspils, Rēzekne,  Preili

For more information visit the festival website: 



Tickets for festival concerts will purchased at the local box offices and on the internet at

The traditional festival opening charity concert will be free of charge.

The 23rd International Baltic Ballet Festival, promises to surprise viewers with a wide and magnificent program featuring
American, Austrian, Russian, German, Chinese, French, Turkish and of course, Latvian ballet artists’ performance.

It will be astonishing with a stylish and spacious program.
The traditional festival opening charity concert at the Riga International Railway Station / TC Origo will be held on March 9t

As director of 23.BBF, Lita Beiris, tells, every concert viewer will be invited to enjoy the magic of ballet and contemporary dance art.

"The concert will reflect the mobile character of the ballet artist - always be on the way from the show to the show.
The opening concert is a venue for Latvian artists representing various genres of dance and music art, and this in the most direct
way represents the availability of ballet art to humans."

On March 12 at the Latvian National Opera, the 23.BBF Gala Concert will take place as the most significant event of the festival,
as it will offer a ballet concert program featuring leading soloists from world-famous ballet theaters, as well as winners of international
ballet competitions from Russia, China, USA, Germany, France, Austria, Turkey. "The concert will keep the tradition,
including classical ballet schools and modern ballet novels," says the director of the festival Lita Beiris".

As always, this year the festival’s guests will be able to see the guest performances not only in Riga from March 12 to March 18,
the German National Youth Ballet BUNDESJUGENDBALLETT (Hamburg, Germany) will perform in Preili and Riga, the
USA Ballet "Hispanico" also in Ventspils and in Rezekne.

Fusion Tour 2017 (November 2016- September 2017): Spain & Latvia

The project Fusion Tour 2017, consists of 3 main lines of activity, the first one, it is his participation in various Galas & Festivals. The second line of activity is the diffusion of art, dance and ballet through various events such as the Photo Exhibition in collaboration with the photographer Alberto Rodrigálvarez and the Spanish Foundation, Fundación CAI, which will take place at the Centro Joaquín Roncal in Zaragoza (Spain) from April 17th to May 6th, or the publication of his second Promotional Video in September and that will end this tour. Finally, the divulgation and research of art, dance and ballet through the publication of several articles is the last line of activity of the project.


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide