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Every year we try to produce our Dance Day in an open air stage or in such an event as this Fair, where we can find and interest another kind of public, a public that is not composed by dancers. Our performances serve only the dissemination of Dance, not political issues.

We are responsible for the Brasilia International Dance Seminar. In 2014, from June 23 to July 11, we are promoting the 24th edition of this project, that – through 3 weeks of intensive dance courses in almost all dance subjects held by an International Faculty, an International Competition with significant Money Prizes, several performances with participants, guest soloists and companies, some of them with symphony orchestra - already gave more than 400 scholarships for talented young Brazilian dancers to Dance Institutions as important as the Paris, Viena, Berlin and Munich Opera Ballet Schools. Some of them are now world stars, dancing in important Theatres in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, America etc.


With my best regards,

Gisèle Santoro

Coordinator and Artistic Director

Brasilia International Dance Seminar/Claudio Santoro Cultural Association

The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide