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Bosnia and Herzegovina




KUD “BISER” 2013



Festival Programme

Wednesday, August 12th 2013

Arrival of groups till 17.00 hours, reception, refreshment and accommodation

17.00-18.00 meeting with group leaders and Festival Board

18.00 dinner

20.00 free time

Thursday, August 13th 2013

8.00 breakfast time

10.00 meeting with Mayor of the municipality Velika Kladuša, the participants should wear their folk costumes; the small parade will be till the building of municipality.

The mayor will inform the participants with historical and cultural events of town Velika Kladuša, provide a guide to show all significant institutions in town Velika Kladuša and in the end exchange of presents between the groups and the Mayor of Velika Kladusa.

12.00 The groups will be returned to hotel where they will be free to use time for their own choice or be on sightseeing tour of town Velika Kladusa.

14.00 lunch

15.00-18.00 free time

18.00 dinner time – it will be served the traditional meals of Bosnia and Herzegovina where will be present also the Delegation from the municipality VK. After dinner, time will be for party for all participants. At the party will be chosen the most beautiful folk costume, the most entertaining couple. The party will be for all participants to better meet each other as well as to show some dances among themselves, to play and sing till dawn.

Friday, August 14th 2013

8.00 breakfast and getting lunch box

9.00 swimming pool

17.00 return to hotel and preparation for the Festival Night

18.00 dinner

19.00 parade through town Velika Kladuša

20-22 concert and official opening of the 4th International Festival as well as performances

22.00 party with cakes for all participant

Saturday, August 15th 2013

8.00 breakfast

9.00 tour of USC seeing Prime Minister and the Mayor of Bihać town

11.00 Una Regatta

15.00 lunch

16.00 a visit to Bihać museum

20.00 performance in Bihać town

22.00 dinner time, party

24.00 return to Velika Kladuša town

Sunday, August 16th 2013

8.00-10.00 breakfast time

12.00 departure of the groups

Programme is informative. Organization Committee reserves a right for changes.


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide